European Track Championship 2013

Unbelievable weekend in Versoix!

3rd Dascha du Clos des Sabines / 4th Haryna Wolfskaia

3. Dascha / 4. Haryna

1. Stepun's Anfisa (DE)
2. Edwina de Prjevalski (FR)
3. Dascha du Clos des Sabines (DE)
4. Haryna Wolfskaia (DE) 

Congratulations to Family Klein (D) with Anfisa and Family Buisson (F) with Edwina for 1st and 2nd place -it was a pleasure to be in the competition with you! But this is also valid for all the other Borzoi and Borzoi-Owners of this Championship - what an outstanding day with you!
Thanks a lot to Maria and Manfred for helping us with our Girls!

Italian Greyhounds
2nd E'Celeste de Magistris (Cele)

2. E'Celeste de Magistris (Cele)

1. Fifablue del Buffone (IT)
2. E'Celeste de Magistris (DE)
3. Tarumetsän Pienet Jäljet (FI)
4. Gigi (BE)
5. Dark Legend's Huldra (DE)
6. Lachkari-Khan Harha (NL)

Congratulazione Stefano Torno (I) con Fifablue del Buffone - una corsa speciale questa finale - incredibile per noi!
What made us also happy: the 5th place of Dark Legend's Bird of Prey "Picasso" - future husband of Cele.

Picture Final

Movie from Peter Scheiding