A-Litter Stella di Celeste

E’Celeste de Magistris x Genie en Herbe de Magistris
Date of birth: 25.11.2014 – 2 Boys (black and blue), 1 Girl

A-Litter Stella di Celeste


Snow Coursing January 2014

It has become tradition for us and our dogs to start the Coursing-season in January with two Snow- events:

Snow-Coursing in Czech SNĚŽNÍK (11./12.01.2014, CACIL) www.nordcoursing.cz

PLI (6 entered mixed):
First: E’Celeste de Magistris CACIL, CACT Best bitch in field & Best Dog of both days

Borzoi (13 entered, mixed):
Place 2: Haryna Wolfskaia Rec.CACIL, Res.CACT
Place 7: Dascha du Clos des Sabines

See complete results here :
Saturday: www.nordcoursing.cz/dokumenty/vysledky_SO_SnowCoursing_Sneznik.pdf
Sunday: www.nordcoursing.cz/dokumenty/vysledky_NE_SnowCoursing_Sneznik.pdf

DL’s Yoda & E’Celeste - Copyright Peter Domeny
First run: DL’s Yoda & E’Celeste - Copyright Peter Domeny

Aida z Brnova & Dascha du Clos des Sabines - Copyright Peter Domeny
2nd run: Aida z Brnova & Dascha du Clos des Sabines copyright Peter Domeny


Austria-Stubaital 18./19.01.2014, CACIL www.wrct.at

Borzoi (females, 6 entered):
First: Dascha du Clos des Sabines, CACIL
Place 3 : Haryna Wolfskaia

PLI (6 entered, mixed)
Place 4: E’Celeste de Magistris
Complete results you can find here: www.wrct.at

Haryna Wolfskaia - Copyright Peter Domeny
2nd run Camping Edelweiss, Haryna Wolfskaia copyright Peter Domeny

Dascha du Clos des Sabines
I want to RUN! Immediately!! Dascha du Clos des Sabines.
Thanks to Urs Alder for this picture which shows exactly how crazy she is.  Lächelnd


A big “thank you” to both clubs for their hard work - especially to the people working in the field on both weekends. In winter times it is even much more harder. But this sighthound-enthusiasts did everything they can for our dogs . So they are able to do what they really love: running!!!



Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year 2014

Concerning dogs 2013 was a perfect year:
no injuries, no accidents, no operations - that is the most important thing for us.
If dogs are healthy, owners are happy. Besides this, the girls had some
outstanding results in show, racing, coursing.
This makes us proud, humble and thankful at the same time.

Our best wishes for a great 2014 

Joe and Camen